Press Release – We’re Back for 2015!

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Mokena, IL USA May 3, 2015 —

Discover what’s happening in your local community of makers and innovators.

Chicago Southland Mini Maker Faire, a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, is a celebration of the Maker movement. It’s a place where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning.

Be inspired by your local community of makers and innovators. From 3D printers, to extreme aerial photography, to craft booths — Chicago Southland Mini Maker Faire will delight and educate one and all.

Maker Faire, a global celebration of makers, started by the editors of Make: magazine in 2006, has grown to a network of more than 130 regional Maker Faires around the globe. In 2014, the flagship San Mateo event celebrated its ninth year and welcomed some 1100 makers and 130,000 attendees. The Mokena Mini Maker Faire is a local event geared to inspiring and igniting our creative community.

Chicago Southland Mini Maker Faire will be held from 10am to 5pm on August 22nd at the Pipefitters Local 597 Training Center. The second annual Chicago Southland Mini Maker Faire is an opportunity to make, learn, play, and be inspired.

Chicago Southland Mimi Maker Faire is proud to be sponsored by Ozinga, SpaceLab, and Make magazine.

Tickets can be purchase in advanced for a reduced rate on our website at or at the door.

Presented by SpaceLab in partnership with the Mokena Technology Committee.

For sponsorship and media contact please check out 1-708-872-7667

2015 Logo

Augmented Reality, Drones, and Borg Bouquets. All Tomorrow!


On September 13, Mokena Mini Maker Faire (MMMF) will open its doors for its year one extravaganza.

Featuring a drone obstacle course, a 10-foot-tall musical instrument, an augmented reality sandbox, steampunk accessories, a learn-to-solder class, DIY noisemakers (you can take them home!), an Arduino course, watercolor painting, handcrafted Etsy jewelry, 3D printing, and more, attendees will get a chance to sample a wide range of handcrafted exhibits by local makers.

Opening the Faire this year is Senator Michael Hastings, co-chair of the Illinois Senate Technology Caucus. Other highlights and exhibits include the following:

Four Makerspaces!

Local makers will be out in full force with makerspaces SpaceLabWorkshop 88Pumping Station: One, and River City Labs in attendance for year one of MMMF. With exhibits ranging from a MAME cabinet to custom-built noisemakers, attendees will have a lot to see from these groups!

Fox Valley Section American Society of Mechanical Engineers

One of our own local ASME chapters will be out to show off a custom handmade 3-D printer, based on a slab of cultured marble, named “Rockbot.” Custom-built printers are becoming more predominant, with new Kickstarter projects popping up every day pushing the boundaries of what these new machines can do. Come check out what could be the next step in 3-D printing!


Conducti’s mission is to deliver engaging kits and programming for adults and kids in museums, libraries, maker spaces, and home school environments. Featuring borg bouquets and other conductive material crafts, Conducti’s exciting technological approach to crafting will be a delight for kids and adults alike. Stop on by their booth and make something!


Tickets to come see these exhibits, and many more, can still be purchased at a discount at the Mokena Mini Maker Faire Eventbrite page.

What’s Maker Faire About? A Snapshot.

Location, Location, Location

Three things fell in our lap when we began planning MMMF this year that’ll  make the event a special one. I’d like to showcase them real quick and talk a little bit about each. Attendees, pay attention!

1. Partnerships!


Every year for the past 11 years, our local Chamber of Commerce has held a large festival called the Food and Wine Fest with our local Park District. This year’s event will showcase craft beer, wine, and food from restaurants in Mokena and our surrounding suburbs, and should draw in nearly 1,000 attendees! If that’s not enough, live music and other local vendors will be around all day to add to the fun.

2. Historic Location


The McGovney-Yunker Farmstead has a great vibe to it. This is one of the original homes in the Frankfort/Mokena area, having been first settled in 1841. The area of the farm that the Mokena Mini Maker Faire is on gives us great exposure to the old farm buildings, plenty of space to spread out, and even enough room to house a trebuchet and some other fun things :)

3. Ease of Access

Waukeegan Trains

The McGovney-Yunker Farmstead is located right off the historic Old Plank Trail, a well-known bike path in the south suburbs. If that weren’t enough, it’s only a half-mile from the Metra train station that goes into LaSalle Street Station in Chicago (here’s a schedule for our train line). Attendees from the city and the suburbs should have no problem at all traveling to our Faire.

State Senator Michael Hastings is MMMF Opening Speaker


State Senator Michael Hastings, Co-Chair of the Illinois State Senate Technology Caucus, will be the opening speaker at the 2014 Mokena Mini Maker Faire (MMMF) hosted at the historic Yunker Farm. Senator Hastings recently visited the host of MMMF, SpaceLab, to tour our new facility and discuss collaboration on future projects.

Spreading technology in the south suburbs requires partnerships with local organizations, residents, and their elected representatives. Only by doing that can we truly build the learning community that SpaceLab aims to turn into.

I’m really excited to have Senator Hastings out to Mokena Mini Maker Faire on September 13, and hope to see you all there!

Announcing the First Annual Mokena Mini Maker Faire


September 13, 2014 marks the first annual Mokena Mini Maker Faire. In conjunction with the south suburban makerspace SpaceLab, the Mokena Mayor’s Technology Committee, and the Mokena Chamber of Commerce, we’re throwing an event that establishes the south suburbs as a learning community and technology hub.

Attendance will open soon.

Check this page if you’re interested in volunteering with our event.

Visit here if you’d like to sponsor us.